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Molly started swearing when I plunged my fingers into her wet pussy and I cussed back at her with every dirty word I knew. I held her and held her down while she came and then frantically went to work on myself. I wanted to come before any of our sexual energy had time to dissipate. With Molly’s mouth on mine and her hands on my body it was only moments before I was bucking and squealing as an intense orgasm ripped through me.

Kylin tells us how a sexy scene with a semi-public car blowjob can turn on you from a strange and random memory.

Kylin talks about her relationship with her rear, and the difficulties she’s had realizing that some of the comments (most in the swinger community) about her butt are very complimentary!

Kylin talks about a run-in with a pair of EMTs on the way to a swing club and the exciting fun that ALMOST was.