Fine – A Sexy Man and His Grumpy Wife at a Swinger Club


Fine - A Sexy Man and His Grumpy Wife at a Swinger ClubI wasn’t having a great time at the orgy. Not bad, just not great. The magic just wasn’t working. So I slid into my purple satin robe and curled up on a couch to wait it out. I figured my night was over.

After a while more people trickled into the lounge with drinks or snacks or just to take a break and remember what it’s like to be vertical again.  We struck up a conversation and I wound up beside this gorgeous guy, serious model material; tall, dark, blue-eyed, with biceps I wanted to run my tongue over. He was also sweet and a little shy. Soon I had my feet in his lap and he was running his hands down the length of my leg, from hip to thigh to toes. Suddenly, my night was looking better.

“Do you want to find some place quieter?” I suggested.

“Um… well, I have to ask my wife.”

“That’s cool. Does she like to play with girls?” Could it be possible my night could get even better?

“Sometimes. Let me go ask her.” He hurried off and I kept my fingers crossed. He came back a few minutes later with his wife. She was an attractive redhead, but her face was marred by this look of half-disgust. Was it me? I put on my best manners as introductions were made and we chatted a bit. She was polite enough, so I thought maybe I had just misread her expression. I asked if they attended many swing parties.

“No,” she scoffed. “We don’t usually hook up with people we meet at parties.”

That sounded like a definite smack down of my plans to ride her husband like a thoroughbred. It also made me wonder why they came to parties at all.

When her husband suggested we all find a cubby to play in she drawled out, “Okay. I guess.”

This lady was obviously less than thrilled with the situation.

Hubby left to find towels. I put on my friendliest smile for Wifey and said, “Hey, if this isn’t cool, that’s okay. I won’t take it personally or anything. Maybe this is just a bad time.”

“No. It’s fine.” Her arms were crossed over her chest and she was all but tapping her foot in annoyance.

“You sure? I’ll just tell him I changed my mind. It’ll all be on me.”

“No. It’s fine.”

Oh. Well. Fine then.

I’m not one to cause drama or court it. There’s no reason for anyone to be in an unpleasant situation, especially me. But I had done the polite thing and given her an easy, no mess, no blame way out and she said she didn’t want it. Since I can’t read minds I decided to take her at her word, literally.

When hubby returned with the towels, I flung my arms around him and launched into a deep, wet kiss. The towels hit the floor as his hands found my hips and glided under my robe. We tumbled into the cubby and I could hear Wifely let out another disgruntled snort as she climbed in after us.

Hubby was as good as he looked. I spent a long time with his big cock in my mouth, reveling in the pure sensuality of my lips running over his satiny skin and taking little laps at the tip where beads of pre-cum formed. He groaned with appreciation and one hand tangled in my hair to guide my head up and down.

I was breathless with sensitive, swollen lips and wetness between my legs when he finally wrenched my head up. He pulled me up and buried his tongue in my mouth while his fingers squeezed my nipples to the exact edge of pleasure and pain.

He rolled us over. His cock ground into my belly while I tore the wrapper from a condom and pushed it on. He plowed into me. Fuck, he was big. A series of high pitched yips came out of me in time with each thrust. He smothered them with his mouth. He wrapped his strong arms around me, holding me close. I arched into him and thrust back, not able to get enough contact, enough kissing, enough stroking, enough anything.

He came like a freight train, howling with pleasure and collapsed on top of me, gasping. I wrapped my arms around him, savoring his weight, his heat and the smell of his hair.


I had forgotten Wifey in the midst of this incredible fuckfest. I glanced over. She was sitting with legs and arms crossed. She looked like a displeased minor deity, not the kind that could fling lighting, but perhaps give you a bad head cold.

Maybe I should have bowed out gracefully. Maybe I should have saved Hubby from a later scolding. Maybe I should have respected Wifey’s unspoken disapproval. But I just refused to care. I was going to enjoy this to the hilt and erase the rest of this bad night from my memory. I closed my eyes and buried my face in his hair, soaking up every second of our afterglow. This fucking was totally worth the sniffles.


Originally a Pennsylvania girl, I have been a writer for 16 years and a unicorn for five. I come armed with condoms, a Masters in Screenwriting from USC and an overdeveloped sense of the ridiculous.


  1. Girl like you said you gave her several opportunities and she kept saying fine. It was meant to be, after all you were alone on the sofa. Excuse me now while I go get me a tall glass of water.

  2. I feel strongly both ways about your post. First, "Wifey" should have the backbone to make her words match her mood and ask you to call it off. It is each person's responsibility to communicate "no" clearly, when necessary. On the other hand, you should have the decency to put their relationship ahead of your desire to fuck a hot dude. Admittedly, my senses are heightened about this kind of thing (see our Douchebagopolis post). But your cavalier attitude and complete disregard for including her in play is really off-putting.

  3. dude in love twice on

    Gotta disagree with He Said. If the wife didn't want to play, or let anyone play with the husband, she should have said so. Perhaps, and I am just yapping here, maybe wifey got off on it. My wife has a voyeur streak a mile wide, and likes watching, so I don't think it is too far fetched.

    The basis of the lifestyle is communication. If those 2 aren't communicating, perhaps they shouldn't have been there in the first place. Maybe they should see a therapist. Who knows. It isn't Ms. Kylin's job to work it out with them, nor is it her duty to counsel them. If you are at an orgy or a fun little romp, everyone is there for the sexual fun.

    I look to the wife and ask "why didn't you play? why were you a bit of a pill? Those pants look great on you, where did you get them?" I assume she has nice pants.

  4. I know how I'd feel if a guy went through with playing with my wife while I was clearly annoyed, but that's a petty blame game to make it someone else's problem to solve. I can't assign responsibility to avoid a disaster to someone else, if I see a problem I need to speak. Our boundaries are OUR boundaries and respecting them is our responsibility, not the people we bring into our sex lives. If we don't have the strength to communicate clearly we should not be attending these kind of parties.

  5. I don't think my previous comment was as clear as it could have been. No doubt that couple carries much of the responsibility not to put themselves in a situation where they can get sideways with each other as a result of shitty communication styles. By the same token, communication in ANY situation is more complex than the words spoken. Regardless if she said "fine", if Kylin knew that "fine" doesn't mean "fine" then it's not "fine" for her to plow ahead.

  6. I know how I'd feel if I were in wifey's shoes. I'd be pissed and my partner would bear the brunt of my wrath, not the single person (funny how that works, eh?). Still that's a bratty and childish reaction. Our boundaries are our responsibility, not the people we invite into the bedroom. We expect singles of both sexes to try to cross the lines from time to time. We need the cojones (pronounced Ko-Jones) to speak our minds or decide to involve ourselves in the mix and see where the night goes. Kylin, you were a naughty girl…go to my room! Still, the blame is with the husband for being a douche instead of being a man about it.

  7. I have really conflicted feelings about this article. I’m sympathetic to Kylin’s assertion of everyone assuming individual responsibility, but I’m not comfortable with the idea of my sexual satisfaction resulting in any sort of negativity for other people. Is there an Swingset party line on this?

  8. There is so much going on here that I don’t even know where to begin.  Sure, maybe Kylin should have picked up the hint from the wife and put a stop to things before they ever got started.  However, I agree that it is each person’s responsibility to speak up and set their own boundaries in this lifestyle.  If the wife didn’t want to play, or didn’t want her husband playing,  she should have said so, instead of playing the passive-aggressive card. 

    My husband and I play separately quite often, and we used to spend a lot of time trying to make sure our married playmates had permission and weren’t cheating on their spouses.  We would ask a lot of questions and sometimes request a phone call or text confirming permission.  It just started to get awkward after a while.  We didn’t really feel the need anymore and decided that people need to take responsibility for their own relationships.  It’s not our job to babysit another couple’s marriage.  If a guy in the Lifestyle tells me he has permission to play, and I have a reasonable assumption that he’s telling the truth, then I play.
    One time, the guy admitted later that his wife didn’t know we had played.  He was VERY uncomfortable and nervous when we both ended up at the same party a couple months later.

    All that being said, however……if I had been in Kylin’s shoes, I think that my attraction to the guy would have quickly diminished when I realized that he was willing to fuck me like a rock-star knowing his wife wasn’t happy with the situation.  That’s not sexy at all! 

    There is the remote possibility that the wife was fine with it and she just prefers to watch and she just has an naturally unpleasant demeanor even when she is perfectly content.  Who knows?  Certainly Kylin couldn’t have, so she really had no choice but to take the couple at their word and get fucked like a rock-star!!  😉

    Sorry — this is a REALLY long comment.  Guess I had a lot to say about it.  Especially since we are likely heading out to a house party tonight.

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