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SS 345: Infinite Ways to Love and Play – A Nonmonogamy Panel

Cooper S. Beckett, Dylan Thomas, Lyndzi Miller, along with Kayla moderating, discuss nonmonogamy in a panel titled: Infinite Ways to Love and Play. This was recorded LIVE at the Tool Shed, An Erotic Boutique, in MIlwaukee, Wisconsin. Bradford and Angela are coming to Desire… are you? Join us from November 2nd through the 9th this

SS 344: Kira Royale and Mike – A Café Swingset Interview

Kira Royale and Mike joined us in 2018 for our trip to paradise, and when Dylan Thomas put the call out for interviews, they physically jumped at the opportunity. They discuss swinger spaces and what makes a space truly great, connecting with other people, and their experiences in the lifestyle. Join us in Paradise from
By the Bi Podcast

BTB 142: 50 Shades of Crap – By the Bi

Welcome back, dear listener. Since we've started podcasting, we have had so so many people ask us what our thoughts are about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Recently, we FINALLY sat down with our notebooks to watch this movie. Oh wow... why did we agree to do this? If you HAVE seen the movie
Desire Resort & Spa

SS 343: Total Desire Recall 2, Part 2!

JV Altharas, and Shara Bono once again join Cooper S. Beckett, Ginger Bentham, and Dylan Thomas to continue discussing the debauchery and delight that was... Life on the Swingset takes Desire 2018. Join us in Paradise from November 2-9, 2019 for Swingset Takes Desire 2019! We are already over 45% booked so get those early
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