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I ended my last blog with a question: What are some reasons that couples take a break from swinging? Over dinner with the Wonderfuls, we learned their answer – they were not stepping toward monogamy again. Instead, they had stepped in the opposite direction toward polyamory.

Our family hosted the a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful and family this weekend. As has proven true in previous blogs, a visit from the Wonderfuls always stretches my conceptions of the lifestyle. The good part about their visits is that they always seem to cause Mr. Doubleplay and I to have some honest conversations about our vision of our marriage. The bad part is that these conversations seem to arise because the Wonderfuls stir emotions that I didn’t know I had. And they aren’t always positive emotions. Instead they tend to make me feel twisty and perplexed.

Some swinger haters seem to be particularly riled by my active involvement in my church community. The assumption seems to be that swinging and religion/spirituality are not compatible. I figure it is time for me to state my views on this matter.

I am so glad I’m not the male part of the swinging relationship. So much worry about the plumbing – getting hard, staying hard, holding back, and then trying to finish when it’s finally time. Viagra and Cialis and such little pills have done wonders but not conquered the problem entirely.

Mr D are having a bad streak of lifestyle blues. As with many couples we have to really work to make time for lifestyle activities given our schedules, and especially since we need to arrange childcare to get out and about. Since we live way out there in middle America, the nearest club is almost two hours away (and no hotel nearby). So to get to a club we are either in for a very, very late evening….err morning. Or we need to plan a weekend away. Not an easy thing to do with young kids!

Just got back from a crummy meet and greet experience. Mr. Doubleplay and I ignored some red flags and just neglected to do our homework for this meet up. As a result, in many ways, I feel that we wasted an evening.

The couple that we met was sweet and good looking and discreet. We did right on those issues. But we skipped some steps.

Through our Craigslist ad, we were approached by a couple significantly younger than us. By significantly, I mean almost 20 years younger. We are almost forty. This couple was just finishing up college.