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Dylan here – I visited Burning Man this year, and while I fully expected to have a mind-blowing experience, I found myself wrapped up in the loving arms of another woman, and unable to completely handle some of the consequences of that. I had my first little polyamorous experience, a “playawife” for a few days, but I needed to get some of what was on my mind out. So, this recording is me, on-site, at 8am the day after I decided that what I was doing wasn’t going to last. Take a listen, and tell me what you think.

Polyamory freaks me out. To be totally honest, I am needy. I require a lot of love and attention from Anne. Lots. Anne and I have discussed polyamory some before. I am uncomfortable sharing her emotionally on that level with someone.

It seems as though there are so many things to “come out” about these days. Being gay. Being bi. Being an atheist. Being a Wiccan. Being non-monogamous. It’s an unsurprising by-product of a progressing society. Rather than shamefully hiding your atypical lifestyle, you embrace it. You meet others who are like you and develop a circle of gay, atheist, non-monogamous friends. Unfortunately, your parents/family/coworkers/local grocer may not be as embracing of your “atypicality.”

It is not uncommon amongst the non-monogamous to kick around the idea of having an extra live-in partner or two. For some this musing is more appealing than others, not everyone wants a multi-relationship home. Yet, whether you envision a roommate with benefits, a second wife or husband, or just a nice little fuck-thing that you can play with and then store in your closet, the truth is that the thought of having a new partner living with you has probably crossed your mind at some point during your jaunt to the Swingset. The real question is…jesus. There are so many questions.

Ending the Sexual Dark Age – Sex Podcast – SwingingEnding the Sexual Dark Age is a fantastic podcast hosted by JV Altharas and his companion Shara. On their 29th episode, Ginger and I sat down with them to chat about swinging, polyamory, and the joys of ethical non-monogamy. We get into the details about how to start swinging, avoiding newbie mistakes, going to swinger parties, cock size, finding playmates, and more in a wonderfully enjoyable discussion.

Head on over there to give it a listen!