SS Special – Dylan Crosses The Rubicon from Swinging to Polyamory at Burning Man 2011


Dylan here – I visited Burning Man this year, and while I fully expected to have a mind-blowing experience, I found myself wrapped up in the loving arms of another woman, and unable to completely handle some of the consequences of that. I had my first little polyamorous experience, a “playawife” for a few days, but I needed to get some of what was on my mind out. So, this recording is me, on-site, at 8am the day after I decided that what I was doing wasn't going to last. Take a listen, and tell me what you think.


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  1. Swinging Pinoy on

    It was definitely reminiscent of “Blair Witch”, not only because of the the unfiltered nature of the recording itself, but also because of the raw emotion and confusion that was evident in your monologue and tone in your voice.  I am a swinger and in some ways was empathetic to your experience.  I myself felt like I yearned for you to elaborate more clearly about your poly lover and feelings (you discussed things vaguely for much of the podcast) and more about other activities in the camp.  In any case, thank you for sharing your experience and as an adventure seeker, I am definitely more interested in attending Poly Asylum in the future.

  2. I listened to you pour out all of your emotions and it made me realize some things about myself.  I am a swinger too, although at this point I am single.  I hope to find that one person that is special to me, and that is ok with the lifestyle that I am choosing as well, but for now that is not to be.  I have been unexpectedly drawn into a relationship with a couple that has bordered on polyamorous, and it is becoming very difficult for me. I know completely the feelings of conflict that you are feeling, and have decided that it is not something I can do or want to do. Right now I am struggling with how to tell them that, as I really don’t want to lose them as friends, but I fear that there is no way around that.  Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us, and know that it does help for others to hear about your feelings and thoughts, and gives us a real life friend to turn to when we are feeling the same way as you have through this experience.

  3. Thanks Liz… thanks Pinoy, for listening and commenting.

    good luck talking to your relationship couple, It’s tough to approach people and have an earnest conversation about a change in relationship, but you’re not going to be happy until you do… here’s hoping you do all stay friends.

    Swinging Pinoy,
    In the heat of the moment I was kind of vague about ACTUAL events, but I get into it more in the next couple episodes. I don’t mean to pull a “wait until next week” but in the heat of the recording moment, i was expressing myself and not trying to give a full and complete diary. 🙂

    So, “wait until next week”? 😛

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