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Articles The Safe Zone - Giving Yourself Permission To Screw Up in Non-Monogamy

Just over a month ago we found ourselves discussing the possibility of a meet-half-way weekend with some friends in Canada. Our Canadian friends are newbies, and I found myself giving them some pretty decent advice to look at the possibility of sex activity on our weekend. The Safe Zone. In The Safe Zone, they can try things they’re nervous about trying without repercussions afterwards.

Articles How to Swingle: The 1st Page of Ginger's Swinger Mingling Playbook

Mingling is challenging for even the most adept swingers. Given that Prof and I are in the middle of a long vanilla stretch, I’m finding that in absence of real social situations I’m daydreaming about what I would say to that spectacularly hot inked up woman or tall, dark and handsome bespectacled gentleman across the way.

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