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I am always very careful about condom use. Always. It has been that way ever since I started using them. I suspect that is a product of my sex education from the 90’s during when AIDS was very scary (well it still is scary). So, usually I am hyper aware of the condom situation. I check it often make sure it is all good and what not.

I have mentioned some of my vanilla friends in the past. Way back in the beginning we even had MGS with some of them. That event is what cracked the doorway to non-monogamy for Anne and I. That same couple has met some of our non-monogamous friends. Well the non-monogamous friends they met are the ones who typically throw the parties we attend. Anne and I have talked to these vanilla friends before about the whole swinging thing. They had tentatively expressed interest.

I mentioned that during Anne’s first full swap that I was on the verge of losing an erection. Well, that happened again and it was worse. Way worse. I know this is a common thing. I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen to me. I just turned thirty and am in the best shape of my life. Now I know how naive this line of thinking really is.

I tend to fall in love fast. Not necessarily hard, but definitely fast. I knew this about myself, but had honestly forgotten until Anne and I got into the lifestyle. After all, we had been happily dating/married for nine or so years before getting into the lifestyle, I was not actively seeking another life partner. I still wouldn’t say I am. Anne initially said she was interested in exploring polyamory if she found someone she had feelings for. I have stated before that polyamory freaks me out and, honestly, it still does.

I have long stated that I was bi-curious, but had been reluctant to act on it for a few reasons. The main one being that Anne was not sure how comfortable she was with it. She has long known I have felt this way, but until we got into the Lifestyle there was really no reason for her to actually think about seeing me do it. Anne never said I couldn’t, but requested time to process the idea. I was in no hurry. So she got her time.

Last year recently after starting the lifestyle and learning a lot more about all the fabulous sex toys that exist in the world Anne and I decided to exchanged toys for Xmas. After all, why should you stop finding toys under the tree on Xmas morning just because you grew up? This year we continued are newly founded tradition and upped the spending limit because the year had been good to us in my ways than one. We bought each other two toys this year instead of just one.

Recently some friends invited us to come along with them to a swinger club. I was intrigued. Anne and I have been to a few parties, but had never been to a club. So, we accepted the invitation. First things first, we had to call the club owners and go through an interview process as well as submit an application online. The interview process was very easy and non-threatening. Mostly the club owners wanted to confirm that we knew what we were getting into and that there were indeed two of us, a man and a woman. Once that was done, we made reservations.

So, now I am 30 and have been in the swinging lifestyle for roughly a year. To say this last year has not changed me would be a lie, but I don’t feel changed. I feel as though this is who I always was, it is just now that the inner me shines through without being dulled by the chains and constraints that had been placed on my by myself and society.

We were with some good friends that we had soft swapped with before and I am pretty sure they knew we were ready to full swap. They had heard about my full swap experience from me and probably through the grape vine.

As the two weeks pass between setting the date and the date itself pass I see the Mr. online less and less. Something then came up at the last minute that forced Anne and I to reschedule. Since I hadn’t seem him online, I texted him and he informed me that it was not a problem to push it back a week. During that week he was not online at all. The night of the date I got a text and he informed me that the Mrs. had to work late and that they could not make it. I told him not to worry he could contact me online and we could reschedule.