Sharing the Love – Introducing Vanillas to a Swing Party


sexy girl eating an appleI have mentioned some of my vanilla friends in the past. Way back in the beginning we even had MGS with some of them. That event is what cracked the doorway to non-monogamy for Anne and I. That same couple has met some of our non-monogamous friends. Well the non-monogamous friends they met are the ones who typically throw the parties we attend. Anne and I have talked to these vanilla friends before about the whole swinging thing. They had tentatively expressed interest.

I had been given permission from my party throwing friends to invite these vanilla friends of mine to a party. The first party they opted out of, but the second time they came. This party was probably the best introduction I could have come up with for them. It was the birthday of the female half of the host couple. So, it started out with her getting tied up and spanked. Everyone at the party was watching and cheering. Boom, they were involved right off the bat.

Shortly after that Anne and I retired with some others upstairs for our own fun. I left my vanilla friends to the wolves so to speak. Well not really wolves, I knew 90% of the people at the party and knew they would be fine. I also intentionally avoided my vanilla friends. That sounds horrible, but I figured if Anne and I were there all the time they wouldn’t talk to anyone else. The man half of the vanilla couple said afterwards, “I only talked about my mom twice.” While that is kind of amusing I assured him it was fine. They are people and just like all people they all talk about their kids and parents and lives. That is just how you get to know people and getting to know people is part of the whole thing (at least it is for us and our group).

By the end of the night this couple ended up in a pile of people with Anne, another man, and I. There was some touching and kissing with my vanilla friends. They were definitely involved in the pile, but only fucked each other. Since then I know they have had at least one date with some of our non-monogamous friends and they dipped more of a toe in. Anne and I have not yet played with them, but if they stay on this path it is bound to happen.

Now all that remains is which vanilla friends I should bring to the dark side next. Yes, I said dark side. The dark side is all about following your emotions. The light side is like church. Stupid celibate Jedi. Sorry, enough nerd talk. So, all of you who aren’t out to your friends. You should be. Amazing things can happen.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.

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