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On Anne and my’s last date something new happened to me. Well, new things or…

One skill I have definitely learned through my journey of non-monogamy is communication. It just doesn’t work unless everyone can communicate what they need and what they fear. This should be obvious, but sometimes it isn’t.

Lately I have been noticing a trend. It is entirely probable that this is just a trend with people that I know. This trend is specifically people wanting to take things back to their roots and by roots I mean pre-agricultural times. This even extends to myself.

I hate trying to schedule dates. Not because they aren’t fun, but because it usually needs to be done a good ways in advance. There are a few reasons, like not knowing if you will be in the mood for it that day. Specifically though I want to talk about periods because I have become required to track Anne’s period. I know better when it is going to occur than she does. That shit is tracked in my google calendar via this handy tool

Anne and I had a date with a single lady, a unicorn if you will. We had been trying to have a date with her for a while, but for one reason or another things kept getting in the way. We have played with her at parties before, but we have never really had a date with her. I still hold to our stance of not looking for single men or single women. Single women are in too much demand and single men are in too much supply. Both of those things bring about there own issues that make us not want to actively look for them. If they happen to cross our path and click with us, that is cool, but we aren’t seeking either.