Man Kisses and More – From Bi-Curious to str8


Man Kisses and More - From Bi-Curious to str8I have long stated that I was bi-curious, but had been reluctant to act on it for a few reasons. The main one being that Anne was not sure how comfortable she was with it. She has long known I have felt this way, but until we got into the Lifestyle there was really no reason for her to actually think about seeing me do it. Anne never said I couldn’t, but requested time to process the idea. I was in no hurry. So she got her time.

We have had threesomes with women in the past. Anne has explored her side of the homo-erotic fantasies. When I asked Anne about how she felt know about me playing with men at an upcoming party, her response was, “I think at this point I just need to see it to know.” Game on! During this conversation I also expressed concern that I didn’t know if I could open my mouth wide enough for a cock. I thought it was a valid concern. Anne just laughed and assured me my mouth was fine.

A few short days later and we found ourselves at the party. One of the party hosts was a bisexual man who is a good friend of mine. I had talked to him many times about my bi-curiousity. So, I was on a mission and he was it. Now, I have no idea how to flirt with a man. This was an underwear party, but my host friend was in more than his underwear so he could answer the door as people arrived. While he was pouring wine, I decided his pants needed removing. This led to him pouring wine everywhere but my glass. It did not, however, lead to him losing his pants.

Not long after that, Anne and I found ourselves naked with this man and a lovely lady. It started as two twosomes, but somewhere along the way morphed into a foursome. Armed with wine-powered confidence, I grabbed this man by the head and started kissing him. It was very good, but facial hair definitely makes it a different experience. Then he was jerking me off and going down on me. Not to be one-upped, I promptly grabbed his cock and stroked it. My thought at that moment was that penises feel weird. I mean, I have one, but I never really stopped to think about the texture and consistency of one until just then. Squishy exterior with a hard core. Warm. Awesome. Not long after that his cock was in my mouth. It did indeed fit and, oddly, did not at all taste like I expected. I can’t put into words exactly what I expected cock to taste like, but I can say the actuality of it was different from that expectation. Most of my humorous observations were voiced to the group as they occurred to me. There were giggles. Eventually, the foursome collapsed back into two twosomes, but I can safely say, “Yep, I am a bi guy.”

After that, the four of us headed to the living room to recoup. Water and food were needed by everyone. I took a moment to send a gay friend of mine a text message. It read, “Do I earn my 8 for having a cock in my mouth?” Apparently str8 is slang in the gay community for straight men that screw around with guys. I learned this when I first told him about my bi-curiosity. Bi seems like the more logical term, but whatever. There were a few texts back and forth. He was both amazed and amused. Then I stopped responding because, well, I had a party to get back to.

After breaking, recouping and refueling, Anne and I found ourselves with our bi-host friend and two others, in a big pile. Again, penises were handled by bi men. All and all, it was an awesome and jaw-opening night. I kissed a man and I really I liked it. Also, penises are weird, but highly enjoyable. I would recommend them to a friend.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.

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  1. Dan & Anna Couple on

    Congrats!  And thanks for sharing!  You’re inspiring me to talk to my GF about some of my own desires!

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