Erection Day Coverage!


This post is dedicated to the 4 people who commented on my previous story about Mr. Droopy. Thank you for your kind words of support.

Yes, my legion of adoring fans — all of whom could fit in any reasonably-priced, mid-size sedan — I succeeded in having penetrative sex with a woman. That would not be otherwise noteworthy if it weren't for the fact that this was my first full swap experience taken to completion. My first non-Mrs-Said f*cking since the George Herbert Walker Bush presidency!! Can you tell from my tone that I am pretty happy?

Yes, I realize that situations will probably happen in the future where Mr. Droopy again pays a visit. Nonetheless, knowing that success is possible makes me giddy. I wrote about some of my suspected failure triggers in the previous post on the topic: being tired, being overstimulated, having erectus interruptus due to outside factors… This time, we started play relatively early. There was a wonderful progression from dinner ==> fire-side conversation ==> adult games ==> shedding clothing ==> foreplay ==> consummation of my full swap fantasy. It worked great. I am optimistic for future endeavors!

Since that weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I am now focusing on how to improve the experience for Mrs. Said, myself and future partners (not necessarily in that order) (kidding, dear!). The session was quite fun – especially since I was able to bring my play partner to orgasm during intercourse. That is a great rarity with Mrs. Said. After a good long while of swapped sex, the guys returned to our wives – ditching the condoms in the process. Ahhh, the joys of having reclamation sex with Mrs. Said while listening to our lady friend reach climax again!

Mrs. Said and I realized that we both have some retraining to do. Two issues: her love for the efficiency and reliability of the Hitachi Magic Wand and my love for a good firm grip while masturbating. Given the decreased sensation that comes with condom sex, I need to back way off that stimulation if I hope to finish while inside another woman (since condoms are a must). Mrs. Said has decided that a self-imposed Hitachi Magic Wand moratorium is in order. Similarly, she and I have been working on new techniques.

Swinging gives us motivation to “up” our game with new sex techniques, dedication to fitness and healthy eating, communicating more about the ins and outs of our sex life, etc. My fears that swinging could damage our relationship have been completely replaced with a renewed, reinvigorated closeness to my lovely wife.


He Said and She Said (not their given names) are 40-somethings married for 20-something years living in a large Southern US city. Spurred into action by their landscaper's tales of consensual non-monogamy, they have enjoyed swinging - and blogging about it - since 2010.

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  1. On one hand, I want to congratulate you on your obviously awesome and happy experience; it sounds like you went through a lot to get to this point, and having it work swimmingly is a very worthwhile reward. On the other hand, maybe offering congratulations sounds a bit too much like mockery (certainly not what I intend, but I'm aware that it could be interpreted as such)? Somehow I want to convey that I smiled like an idiot as I read your story. If only all experiences were that ideal!

    You're absolutely right, knowing that success is possible makes all the difference. Failure after failure can dampen even the most optimistic spirit, and even the most stubborn can reach a point where their fears become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'm incredibly happy that you've broken the cycle, and I am confident you now have more tools to send "Mr. Droopy" on a long vacation.

    I consider your last paragraph to be one of the most important because it assesses some of the benefits that swinging offers outside of sexual variety. Everyone knows that swinging is all about the sex, right? Or maybe the friendships? Not many recognize the benefits of getting back into the dating scene and suddenly not being able to take anything for granted. The impetus to look and feel great, communicate effectively, and explore personal sexual possibilities and techniques—even when the opportunity for enjoying sexual variety isn't a driving force—may be justification enough for some people to take a ride on the swing set.

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