SS 207: Ejaculating Dildos & Simulacrum Genitals with Stephanie Berman


Way back in 2011 Life on the Swingset issued a pleasure quest. Find a quality ejaculating dildo. Over the years, we did NOT find quality dildos, we DID find Miko, though, so it was a win over all. Tonight we have Steph Berman with us, creator of The Semenette, the best ejaculating dildo we've ever seen, to talk with us about simulacrum genitals.

We spoke at length about the original mission of The Semenette, to provide a way for partners to conceive and still connect in a sexy and fun way, and opened up to possibilities of users and partners playing in safe and non procreative ways; pegging, cum play, new ways for those with erectile dysfunction to still experience the pleasure of ejaculating on and in someone… it's a very versatile dildo.


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