SS 216: Dating – Being Right With and Doing Right By Your People


We all go on dates. Maybe it's a play date with another sexy couple. Maybe it's a romantic getaway with a partner we only see every couple months. Maybe it's a night of taking off your clothes and cleaning someone's apartment for them while they watch you barely contain your excitement. We all date, and we all eventually have other relationships, people we're making a life with, other people we're fucking, maybe a daddy, and while what we're doing is ultimately our business, we still want to do right by and be right with the people we choose to call our people.

We discuss how hard it is to manage multiple relationships and that respecting multiple people simultaneously while developing new relationships takes skill, mindfulness, presence, and lots of communication of expectations, needs and considerations.

Join us on our trip to Desire in 2015, where we're going, we don't need clothes!

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