SS 177: Erotica – Writing, Reading, Tweeting, Living It with Guest Rachel Kramer Bussel


Tonight we discuss erotica, writing it, reading it, tweeting it, living it with our guest Rachel Kramer Bussel. We discuss Rachel's extensive history in both writing and editing erotica, where erotica fits in every day life, expression, fiction, and reality in erotica, written vs. spoken vs. digital, how erotica lives with other forms of erotic material, and how erotica uniquely forces us to open our minds and our senses to truly get the most out of it.

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  1. A couple of Popcasts ago you spoke about awkward moments during group sex and Podcast 177 was about Erotica. So I thought I would take a stab at combining the two topics into a new form. All names have been changed to protect the guilty parties. Feel free to share. The pictures were grabbed off the internet though so may need to be removed for posting.

    A story about how one young swinger couple now uses a gesture rather then a code word to GTFO


    About six months into swinging we had an experience that was so, funny, bad, and full of mistakes that we pretty much tell everyone about it, but almost never all of it at the same time. Though it occurred in one short night it was a chain of separate yet connected awkward moments.
    Our friends Aaron and Alicia a couple that we had played with before invited us to a weekend getaway in Bodega Bay. We had mentioned our trip to Carl and Cindy, another couple that we had been talking to online but had never met. They asked if they could meet us in Bodega Bay for dinner and possibly play if we all hit it off. Aaron and Alicia acquiesced.
    The weekend was off to a wonderful start. The house we rented had a fantastic view, was within walking distance to the beach, and had a private hot tub. Carl and Cindy, the couple none of us had met yet, weren’t due until dinner. The day was perfect. We explored the town, took pictures in front of the schoolhouse that the birds was filmed at, goofed off and had a great time.
    Dinner time and Carl and Cindy pull up, with an unexpected visitor – their dog. Mind you this was an incredibly well behaved dog, but it must have had a very small bladder because Carl had to walk it every thirty minutes. Despite the awkwardness of Carl getting up every thirty minutes to walk the dog (and I may be exaggerating on the frequency of the walks but not by much) dinner goes well, conversation is good and we have a swell time. After dinner we hop in the hot tub and eventually all end up in bed together even though my wife and Alicia are starting to have doubts about playing because of among other things the dog walking…
    This is where the story begins to get more complicated to tell. The time lines of play are a little blurry, but there are four noteworthy moments that occur.
    Scene One:
    We are starting to play and Carl leaves to walk the dog again. My wife is laying on the bed being fucked by Aaron. Carl comes back in and drops his Penis on my wife’s forehead just as she was about to cum. She gets distracted and starts pawing his penis away like a cat batting a fly. At the same time Aaron whom is not really that comfortable about the proximity of said penis to his own face loses it and has to take a break.

    Scene Two:
    I am on the edge of the bed being blown by Alicia, it’s very nice. Carl having just come back from walking the dog maybe just before or after ruining my wife’s chances of cumming with Aaron, puts his penis on the side of Alicia’s face and says, “My turn.” This bothered Alicia a lot because she wasn’t interested in playing with him and she was enjoying her work.
    Scene Three:
    First let me start off by saying that at this point we were not (and aren’t currently) using condoms for blow jobs but do use them for penetration religiously. Cindy loves men and she gives a GREAT blow job. I also know that Cindy doesn’t do cum in mouth. I am laying back being blown by Cindy and I tell her that if she keeps doing that I am going to cum. She keeps going, “I am going to cum, Umm really I’m about to cum” she keeps going, “I’m cumming now!” and 10 seconds later she’s spitting up cum. My bad, but…

    Scene Four:
    I’m laying next to Cindy relaxed and enjoying the warmth of bodies, I am satisfied, feeling slightly guilty for the “not-so-much-surprise” I gave Cindy earlier but I did warn her so I’m not feeling too bad about it. Carl was back from another dog walk and had finished a little earlier with Cindy. I, in my possibly intoxicated state am lazily running my hand across Cindy’s body tracing her skin and slowly bringing my hand down too her smooth shaven feminine area. I just start to rub when I realize that the moist sensation I am feeling does not feel like the right consistency and in fact my hand is now coated in Carl’s Cum. I felt like running away screaming, but I didn’t want to cause a scene so I slowly removed my hand and laid there for about a minute while it cooled on my hand, I will never forget that sensation, before getting up and walking to the bathroom to wash it off.

    I don’t think either my wife or Alicia came and I’m pretty sure that all three of the guys came with Cindy. As Aaron likes to say that was the best blow job he’d ever had. Once.
    While writing this I remembered that at the time I had a bad case of a particular type of dermatitis on my chin and I was very nervous about it possibly being a STI. I had had it looked at by two different doctors and was tested. They both said it was not an STI and that it was just a type of dermatitis. Their diagnosis was later confirmed by a third doctor, but at the time we were so new to the lifestyle that I was very paranoid and wasn’t kissing anyone or doing anything with my mouth. Like a landslide or an avalanche there was nowhere to go but down hill on that fine weekend in Bodega Bay.

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