SS 136: Swingset on the Road – Talking Swinging, Polyamory, and Ethical Non-Monogamy IRL


The past two episodes have been live recordings in front of an audience of folks anxious to listen to us talk about non-monogamy and swinging. Our “toury-ness” has brought us to San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee. On the road we’ve learned about our audience, we’ve learned about ourselves. Tonight on Life on the Swingset, the podcast, we talk about what it has taught us, why we continue to meet, and the importance and risks associated with gathering with fellow sex geeks and educators. We also spend some time reconnecting since, in the world of cons and presentations, time flies right by.

Slots for our “The Swingset Takes Desire 2014” trip are open! Visit to join us!


A podcast about swinging, polyamory, open relationships, and "the lifestyle" from the trenches. A diverse group tackles many issues involved with non-monogamy and what it means to be a swinger or polyamorous from the point of view of educating and illuminating what, for many, is a confusing journey to start on. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe via RSS


  1. For the most part, another great episode. I really, REALLY don’t like the new music playing during the introduction, though. Just my 2 cents worth.

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