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I’ve been fantasizing almost exclusively about gang-bangs for the last 11 months. It all started with something my husband, PC, and I witnessed last summer at the old location of Montreal swinger club Le Celeste.

Since we began our swinging adventures I have had a hard time figuring out how to fit this into my already relatively full life. At the very beginning, a few months back, we had dates every weekend sometimes two. Being newer to the lifestyle, they didn’t necessarily lead to actual swinging, but they still took time. Time that I would have normally spent doing something else.

There are plenty of reasons why people who are in open relationships are also in marriages (their own marriages, not someone else’s). People may choose to explore open relationships after they have already gotten married. I know plenty of people who were married long before they got into the life style. Couples who were already open may choose to get married for health insurance, immigration, tax or a whole host of other, pragmatic reasons. While they may have been together and loved each other for a long time, what ultimately sends them down the aisle is the desire for one of them to finally have dental coverage.

Jack comes to the realization that his uncomfortable feeling around a potential playmate of Anne’s is because he doesn’t feel the playmate is “good enough for her.”