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Being The Unicorn

After my amazing threesome on my business trip, Mr. D. decided that we should make…

Book Reviews The Secrets of Great G Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation by: Tristan Taormino

Review: The Secrets of Great G Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation by Tristan Taormino

It’s hard to describe exactly what a G Spot orgasm feels like. I’ve experienced them a million times and each one feels completely different than the last. They vary from light, quick orgasms to deep, hard intense orgasms that make me gush over and over again and my legs and body tremble all over. They can come from fingers, toys, a cock, and my personal favorite a girl with a strap-on. There are times when I don’t squirt at all and there’s times where I’m gushing like a fire hydrant and can’t stop my body from ejaculating everywhere.

Doubleplay experimenting with a hall pass - two sexy women at a swingers club

Experimenting With a Hall Pass – Two Sexy Women Go To A Swingers Club

I took another trip recently, but this time Mr. Doubleplay stayed home with the kids. While most of my days were filled with business meetings, presentations, and networking dinners, Mr. Doubleplay arranged a special date for me. We had arranged to meet a couple during our last trip to the Big Easy, but a cancelled flight dashed our plans.


Setting The Rules

“Do you want to talk about rules?” Jack asks. “Oh, I suppose,” I reply, though…