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Consummate sensualist and born-again swinger, Emmanuelle Undine lays bare the lifestyle scene north of the border in her blog The French Connection. Be warned, this siren is no tease: either in satisfying your lewd curiosity or in mirroring your own dissolute passions, she promises to get you off.

Emma, why are you writing porn?” It whispers paternally. “You should be publishing erudite reflections on philosophy or culture.” Maybe I ought to be pouring my energy into more laudable writing projects. Then again, maybe not. The truth is that I can’t help myself from keeping this online journal, my attempt at critical-reflective, sex journalism.

I’ve been fantasizing almost exclusively about gang-bangs for the last 11 months. It all started with something my husband, PC, and I witnessed last summer at the old location of Montreal swinger club Le Celeste.