A Siren Laid Bare: Introducing Emmanuelle Undine


Let me introduce myself. My name is Emmanuelle, or Emma for short. The first thing you need to know about me: I love sex. Give it to me rough & hard, soft & easy, or downright sleazy – I’ll always beg for more. The second thing you should know: I’m very flexible (and not just ‘cause I used take gymnastics). I can trash talk better than any crack whore when a guy fucks me like he paid for it, or, for the consummate playas who up the stakes with their razor-sharp mental game, I can take on the role of the ingénue and seduce them with my wit. Number three: the human body fascinates me. I never tire of exploring its textures, smells, tastes… clean or dirty. I get high on the acrid odor of a man’s armpits and delight in the delicate, grainy feel of his balls when I slide my tongue over them…. I also crave the saltiness of his sweat, or the sharp tanginess of a filthy cock. (I can always tell if a guy’s horny when I kiss him – the smooth, fresh taste of his saliva draws me in deep; when I close my eyes I lose myself – I imagine falling into a cool, dark well, restless to slake an impossible thirst….) Oh, and here’s a new fave flavor I’ve recently discovered: the subtle, sticky sweetness of a woman’s pussy when she’s just come….

Against the backdrop of Montreal (Canada), my native city and swingers’ Mecca, the posts that follow will give voice to my most intimate desires and experiences. They will reveal, in salacious detail, my insatiable appetite for sex, and expose the full scope of my perversity. However, if I cast off my veils in the style of Salome, one by one, and spread myself open like a midnight butterfly – if I yearn to lay myself bare before you – know that it is as much to seduce as it is to instruct you. Curious? Tempted? I invite you to read on. The last thing you ought to know about me: I’m no tease. One way or another, either in satisfying your lewd curiosity or in mirroring your own dissolute passions, I promise to get you off.

A version of this post first appeared on Peeperz


Consummate sensualist Emmanuelle Undine reports on the non-monogamous lifestyle scene north of the border in her Swingset series The French Connection. Part autobiography, part critical-reflective sex journalism, her blog Emmanuelle Undine: A Siren Laid Bare reflects on the sexual adventures she shares with PC, her husband.

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