Author: Saucy Wench

I'm a suburban mommy with an edge. A loving, supportive, caring mommy when the kids are home and a saucy, naughty, sexual animal when they are not! I'm the MILF your mama warned you about...but the one you can't resist, no matter how hard you try!

When do you open up to people that you date in the vanilla world, if ever? I have recently started dating the good old fashioned way…the vanilla online dating sites!   I have several freinds that have met their significant others this way.  The funny thing is that these friends, seemingly vanilla on the outside, are really hard-core lifestylers!  They met the girl or guy online…hit it off…started dating…opened up about their lifestyle and the partner is really into it!  How the fuck does that happen?  So I asked.  “Oh, I just brought it up one day and we started talking…

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