I Am The Unicorn – A Single Girl in the Swinging Lifestyle


girls kissingThat's me!  I'm the Unicorn.

So what is the Unicorn, you ask?  According to urbandictionary.com: “In swinger lingo, a single female (often bi) sought after by many couples. They are thought to be so rare that they have attained the status of mythical creatures.”  Essentially it means that if we meet and like each other, I will fuck both of you.

I have been told that many swingers go through their entire swinging “career” without getting together with someone like me.  That's a shame because I have made many couple's dreams come true.  A FMF is every man's fantasy and I get the distinct pleasure of being able to fulfill that fantasy.

I realized, early in my swinging, that I enjoyed being the Unicorn because I got to explore my bisexuality more.  I found myself really getting into the woman in the couple and leaving the man out.  I thought it would piss him off, but most of the men in couples have been VERY OK with watching his partner with me.  And I have to admit, I like putting on a show from time to time.

Most (probably 90%) of the couples I have met in the lifestyle are very respectful to the single girl.  Hoever, there are some couples that believe that they can bag me if they send me an email similar to the one below:

“Dear Saucy Wench,

My wife and I live in (insert city here – which is about 4 hours away from me) and would love to get to know you.  We would love to invite you down to stay with us for the weekend.  We have a very large house with a pool and a hot tub.  You are welcome to stay as long as you like.

We hope that you would consider coming down this weekend.  We look forward to playing with you.

Smooches,   Frank and Nancy”

Really?  You actually think that I'm going to drop everything I'm doing to drive 4 hours to meet a couple that I've never met before and spend the weekend in their house?  I'm sure there are lots of people out there that don't mind travelling to meet complete strangers for the express purpose of fucking.  But y'all gotta remember, that I'm a single woman in the lifestyle…it's just not safe for me to do that.  Nor do I want to.

My Unicorn experiences at the swingers club have been pretty stellar.  My best friend is a bartender at the one I frequent the most, and I feel incredibly comfortable going there alone and sitting with her all night.  I usually run into several friends while I'm there and I have a ball.  But I always know that I can take off if I'm not feeling it that night.  I've also gone to the club with other couples, on a date.  I have introduced many of my friends to the couples that I bring in with me.  We always end up in a giant fuck pile!  It's wonderful!  But there is one drawback, I'm usually the odd one out so I spend a lot of time on the sidelines watching the other couples fuck each other's mate.  Now this is not to say that I don't get my face up in someone's pussy or I'm not licking someone's balls…I am.  But at some point, the straight on fucking is getting done and I have to wait my turn.  I usually excuse myself to get water for the group – heaven knows we are all dehydrated – come back and jump back in.  I'm not complaining.  I love, love, love to watch!  But sometimes I wish I had a partner to bring to the party.

But as a single girl in the lifestyle I have to say that I have the best of both worlds.  I get to suck your husband's cock and then turn around lick her titties and finger her pussy.  Sometimes, it's good to be me!

(p.s.  Next week I'll give you a story about one of my more memorable evenings as a Unicorn!)


I'm a suburban mommy with an edge. A loving, supportive, caring mommy when the kids are home and a saucy, naughty, sexual animal when they are not! I'm the MILF your mama warned you about...but the one you can't resist, no matter how hard you try!


  1. I can't believe nobody has asked the obvious question yet. We're very lucky to have found us a Unicorn… but haven't replicated this feat beyond the first yet.

    What I'd like to know is,… how do couples end up finding you? How do they ensnare you? What are the recommendations from your personal experience on how to be respectful and enticing?

    We have found the answers to some of these, but we always like to hear more… and I'm sure it'd be interesting to hear to at least some of your readers trying to get themselves a Unicorn too!

    – Arthur

    • Hello Unicorns …

      My wife and I have experimented … but, it’s really not her thing (yet, perhaps). Still, we have an open relationship and I would like to find a woman, either bi or straight to explore the world of group sex. Although I am straight, I am uninhibited and have no issues whatsoever to be in the company of other men during sex. I would be very open to being the straight male unicorn too … that is, if something like that even exists. I am not sure if this is my lifestyle forever, but, I want very much to understand what it is all about now. So, to those who may be reading this–not all men or women are created equal. I will patiently search for my swing partner–and let what happens, happen.

      • I think, Orion, unfortunately the rare (almost mythical) unicorn is quite the opposite from a single male hoping to get it on with just the female in a couple. There are more than enough of those to go around!

  2. My days of sexual adventure are over. The life of a ‘Unicorn’ would be a fascinating field of human study.

    I have started to have a renewed interest in sex due to the fact one of my friends just came out as gay.

    I see a very powerful role for bisexual women in the field of sex therapy and orientation counseling.

    I don’t know what is worse, the puritanical bigotry against non-monogamous non-hetero sexuals… or the stereotypes of bisexual people and the rest of the community.

    But I’m at a point where friendship is more important than personal sexual satisfaction… a I have friends who deserve a full life.

    I wish a ‘Unicorn’ could do a seminar on how to live with your sexuality beyond your bedroom; even non- bi women would gain a hell of a lot of insight on what a sexually complete life looks like.

  3. I’m so glad I found this! It is so nice to know I am not alone! I like the best of both word idea too, but since I am so new with women it is hard for me to tell if they are interested… or… unless it is common for the partner to know what they would both like… I’ve only been in the lifestyle give or take a year and a half.

    And peeps I’m sure its not that hard to find us unicorns out there. You just have to be very kind and understanding (at least for me anyway). You need to understand we are in this ALONE so anything we say is off limits please respect that and we will respect the same. Make sure your rules are CLEAR… leave absolutly NO room for your rules to be twisted or manipulated by anyone in the “relationship.”

  4. The life of a unicorn is definitely a wonderful thing! Best of both worlds for sure. I know , though that some unicorns feel frustration in meeting: what is the right pace, what is allowed, who am I mostly here for… Him or her?
    I’d love to hear stories from couples. I’d love to give other unicorns a chance to give and ask for tips. Alwaysbeaunicorn.net

  5. Hi there ,
    My boyfriend and I are really interested in the lifestyle, well me more than him, I’m a bisexual female and he’s a straight male. We’re both extremely happy in our relationship and love each other very much, but being with another woman is something we both definitely want. I’d like it to be someone that I could form a closer friendship/fwb relationship with. I’m not by any means trying to sell myself to you, I’m jus looking for advise on how to find a unicorn such as yourself or how to go about finding out if someone is interested. PLEASE HELP!

  6. Im single 37 have realized by being dumped for the umteen time by a guy… H
    Who always ends up marring then next girl he dates. Anyway off subject…i love both men and women i think the reason i can keep a guy is i want both… I have this couple who I am very close with.not best friend just hang out buddies (PARTY GET DRUNK PASS IUT BUDDIES). The girl is young 23 the guy is 36 (my age) the girl has never full been with a women yet ( im a true believer u should at least try it once as a girl….so incredible) he was out of town and my friend (the girl obviously) and i went out got drunk anf made out i The club.. She enjoyed it ( the attention i think) but saif i was the best kisser she ever kissed) so i think she would possible be down. She told her guy who im good friends with yoo. They alway invite me out and i just love them as a couple….but i want to be with both of them..she told him what happened when her was go and her was totally ok with it. We still go out to the bars and clubs and hang at there place. I want to make a move but dont want to ruun our friend ship….. Help please i totally thi k they may be down for it buy there is always that maybe not…..what do i do. .i so want to be with a couple…not sure where to start

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