SS 31: Sex on the Swingset is Fun – Live From Desire, The Sexiest Place on Earth with Kidder Kaper & Lorax


In Ep 31, the greatest crossover since The Flintstones met The Jetsons happens as Cooper and Marilyn podcast with Kidder Kaper and Lorax from Sex Is Fun live from an outside bed at Desire in sunny Cancun. They discuss what it's like to be in a world populated by sex positive people, what may be the first publicly accepted bi male blowjob at the resort, the sometimes high tension and heightened drama that can result from such, the sexy times that have been had, first full swaps, newbies, and more!

(And poor Marilyn gets stuck with three HUGE personalities…at least she seems to enjoy herself)

On this show: Cooper, Kidder Kaper, Marilyn, and Lorax

Show notes:

Check out Sex Is Fun the podcast and sex positive website!

Our friends, the newbies, the Boris & Doris Podcast

This episode sponsored by Close2You and their Opus Gspot Vibe!


A podcast about swinging, polyamory, open relationships, and "the lifestyle" from the trenches. A diverse group tackles many issues involved with non-monogamy and what it means to be a swinger or polyamorous from the point of view of educating and illuminating what, for many, is a confusing journey to start on. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe via RSS

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