SS 378: Don’t Invest in the Rest, Invest in… the Sex. Also Malört. – Friday Night Delights – 2020-04-03, Part 3


Our April 3rd Friday Night Delights with the Swingset has proven quite fertile. Mr. and Mrs. H (@BedHoppersUK) sign off after fucking while podcasting while Tonia (@tonia_swingset) signs on.  Dylan (@DylantheThomas / @DylantheThomas@Swingset.Social), Lunabelle (@Ninjasexology) and Bradford, Angela, and Ian the Gentlemen (@BytheBiPodcast) reminisce about good times at Desire 2019 (and a desire for a 2020), the purity of Kentucky straight(?) bourbon, event organizing and people who run and produce conferences… it's a wild end to a wild night.

“We've had a lot of drinks” – Mr. H

“Shocker” – Bradford

“It's like two in the morning for us, we're doing well! We did a full interview with a couple we want to fuck and we drank a lot of drinks and we can't see anybody because of the quarantine.” – Mr. and Mrs. H

“Yeah that sucks”.  – Ian the Gentlemen

“I don't have a dad bod, I have a father figure.”

– Bradford, on putting on a little while in quarantine

“How much will you pay me to not answer that?”

– Lunabelle, to her children

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to point out, you mentioned liquor stores being open during quarantine being ‘forward thinking’ or ‘progressive’ but really it’s a health issue. If alcoholics are cut off from their supply, they go into withdrawals which in many cases require hospitalization and at this time we need to keep our hospital beds in case people need them for covid related reasons!
    Love the show! Hope to be able to meet you at Desire eventually!!!

    • I hadn’t thought about it that way. There’s an enormously complex web of people and needs to consider when keeping harm reduction in mind and this is a good reminder of that.

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