SS 302: Making Room in Life for the Things That Matter


Sometimes we lose sight of some of the people and some of the things that matter in ourlives. Dr. Liz Powell, Mike Joseph, and Dylan Thomas get together and figure out how to recognize it, how it happens, and how to pull everything back together.

Dr. Liz also takes some time to relay some con business while Dylan mentions his newly unlocked “double flogging” achievement.

Dr. Liz mentions the Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework, developed by Leela Sinha, M. Div. You can find Your Not Too Much: Intensive Lives in an Expansive World on Amazon.

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Dr. Liz Powell

A podcast about swinging, polyamory, open relationships, and "the lifestyle" from the trenches. A diverse group tackles many issues involved with non-monogamy and what it means to be a swinger or polyamorous from the point of view of educating and illuminating what, for many, is a confusing journey to start on. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe via RSS


  1. HI, I want to run out my descriptors I am a white hertoflexible demi-male in a polyamourous relationship, just so you can a get a base of reference.
    I agree with Dylan and not Lola, I am not saying Lola is wrong, just I dont agree with her actions. Saying men are trash or white people are trash is an unskilled choice (yes I do try to follow Buddhist principles). I try to live by the base principles of Dont be an asshole, use your words and eat the fucking cake. Using any public forum to say group x is y fails on all three. Use better words, Why are all the men in my life acting like trash, or Men could you not do x it is making me feel like men are trash. You have words it is a gift explain yourself to a lever of clarity. When you dont use your words you are being an asshole. All (group x) are trash… SERIOUSLY could you put any group identifier in that statement and not sound like an asshole? Just in case you missed some groups would you feel comfortable saying these groups on that place (queers, women, people of color, christians, muslums, bus drivers, school teachers…) ok I am sure we all said nope to one group. This action drags you into the asshole category for at least the moment when you let your base emotions take over. If you have a twitter or any public outlet with an audience of over 100 people just dont. If you like or not you are a role model. I am not saying you cant be a real person, what I am saying is your words gain power. What you do with that power is yours. I am also saying you are making an unskilled choice by wasting it on unbridled criticism with no here is how to better value. Low Value Dick is how most guys feel when they dont understand what is going on and why it isnt working. Yes they are being unskilled in their assessment of the situation. I know low value dick is a term regarding guys who are not bringing any thing to the table as dicks in general are low value. That said if you can see a problem dont just label it and say dont do it. Take a positive position and say guys be a high value dick and do Y as it makes me feel Z when you do. Use better words, you dont need to mansplain just say exactly what you mean. Because If you mean ALL white people or men are trash then say it If you mean all men who ghost are trash or all white people who would vote for a white lady but not a black lady with the same resume are trash then do it. BUT say what you mean not what is easy. Lola was talking about you should google along with your podcasts. I operate equipment that If I loose focus for too long it can cause bodily harm. I operate these and listen to podcasts at the same time. I cant start thinking about what did they mean by x let alone google it sorry my hands and active mind are a bit busy. I listen to them again on a walk or a drive, Still I am guessing you dont want me to google while listening. If an action or activity is bothering you call it out not a group of people because many of them are doing it, that is lazy and hinders discord. Be better and more accurate with your statements, sure you might no be able to twitter exactly how you feel, and that is a good thing. Unless you feel your self to be just like donald trump… (if you saw I didnt capitalize a noun it is because I dont feel they should be or it is the fact I got a new computer and the keyboard is smaller and the mouse is the worst mouse I have used since 1995 (not exaggerating) but I did only buy this computer new for less than $200… chose which ever one helps you sleep at night as both are true.

    • I think i meant to comment on Episode 303:

      Listen, I think you’re missing the totality of the message here: We don’t endorse stereotypes or calling out large sections of people, but there are sometimes expressions that people feel they deserve to use because they’ve earned it through shared experience, struggle, etc… Non-dudes experience harassment, unwanted sexual advances, and all around in life, have their very existence questioned. I think we can afford some space for people to blow off steam and to use language to express that.

      The bottom line is though, you’re right. It’s not useful and as someone with a microphone and as someone whose mission is to educate, I, and we, need to strive to be better.

      So we’re working on it.

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