Review: Wedge and Ramp by Liberator


Tyler and I first saw the Liberator Shapes (a collection of foam bedroom “furniture”) at a local adult toy store. Since we had our anniversary coming up, we decided to splurge a little and get something fun for the both of us – and boy am I glad we did!

At the store, the sales person showed us the Ramp, Wedge, and whirl (which is like a bolster). All of the Shapes are made from a heavy-duty foam and are covered with a non-slip cover that is machine washable. Because of the foam construction, all of the Shapes are very light for their size.

We went home, consulted the Liberator website, and came to the conclusion that of all the Shapes (which include various block, wedge and curve shapes) the Ramp/Wedge combination was the biggest bang for our buck (pun intended).

Our store only carried the Black Label version, which was a little more money, but came with set of 4 comfy Velcro cuffs that snapped neatly to the anchor points in the Wedge and Ramp, a blindfold mask, a zippered carrying case for each Shape, a small booklet of recommended positions, and a DVD on Karma Sutra positions that could be done on the Shapes. Normally we might have ordered the cheaper version without the connectors, but since that involved waiting, shipping charges, and the hassle of getting such a large item delivered, we decided to go for the instant gratification.

At home we wasted no time setting up the Wedge\Ramp and accessories. We glanced at the booklet, but decided to “wing it” without the DVD the first few tries. It was immediately apparent that our money had been well spent. The first thing we noticed was exactly how non-slip the fabric really was. We set the Ramp down on our bed, and then tried to adjust it by sliding it and it didn't budge. The cover also attracts dust and pet hair pretty easily, but, its fairly easy to remove the cover and throw it in the wash (which you'll probably want to do anyway). I saw a couple of reviews that complained about a smell, but ours was completely odorless. They were also very lightweight and easy to carry.

Why would I get these instead of a pillow? Well for some of the positions, for example a man-from-behind position, the woman could easily prop herself up with a pillow. But, the Ramps advantages are height and stability (you'd need 3-4 pillows to get the same effect). Even the Wedge (which is lower) is much more comfortable than a pillow. However, what the Ramp and Wedge really offer is a series of positions that are not possible with pillows.

The first position we tried was a Wedge\Ramp combo. Tyler put the Ramp in a decline position and then set the Wedge on top in an incline position. I climbed onto the Shape, which had the affect of raising me about 10 inches off the bed lying at a slight incline, but with back support. This was perfect for oral – no neck straining and the two Shapes stuck together like glue. We traded places with the same effect.

We then tried the Wedge on an incline, which allowed me to partially sit up while Tyler and I attempted a missionary-style position. This was incredibly comfortable for Tyler as holding himself up was almost no strain on his arms or wrists at all. We added the Wedge in an incline as well – which allowed me to sit all the way up with complete back support.

Over the next few days we amused ourselves trying different positions as we thought of them. With the added height and support, everything we tried was a little or a lot more comfortable than lying flat or of course the various gymnastics we were used to.

Eventually we decided to see what the video had to offer. I can't say I was disappointed (since we got one amazing position out of it), but if you aren't into Tantra or Karma Sutra you may be less interested. Anyway, we viewed the DVD and decided to try the Seventh Posture. It looked most interesting to us because we'd never considered putting the Wedge sideways on the Ramp. WOW – being supported by these cushions left me in a comfortable position while leaving Tyler's hands free to wander was amazing. I think this may be the new favorite position.

Our set didn't come with the Liberator book, but we may just have to order it. We're also eying a curved chaise lounge that looks very promising. Maybe next anniversary…



  1. I have the Black Label ramp but not the wedge. I was very surprised how much that little wedge added to the versatility of the set. The cuffs and blindfold are fun at first but rarely get used later for some reason. The only problem I have with it is where to store it when not in use.

    • You’re right – storage can be a problem. At 11 inches tall, ours doesn’t fit under our bed. We either put it in a closet or leave it against the wall.

      A fun thing the video showed us was that if you stand the ramp on end, you can press the wedge against it, point down, and it will stay right in place. That’s how they are currently stored and the wedge hasn’t fallen off yet!

  2. Just as a comment, my wife and I picked up the wedge/ramp combo from Liberator. They were having a really great special on the whirl if you added it to the combo, so we ordered it on a lark. As crazy as it sounds the whirl probably gets more time then the other two pieces for us. Apparently the whirl is absolutely the perfect height and level of support for "doggy style" position. For me the wedge on the edge of the bed with her lying on her back and me standing is perfect height to "line us up", and then you don't have to worry about pillows sliding around, and pushing her away with thrusting.

    • Thank you very much for the input! We don't have the Whirl yet (still eying that Esse chaise lounge 🙂 ), but with your endorsement, we'll have to put it on the wish list!

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