SS 257: On Breasts and Attraction


Cooper gets the night off as Ginger makes herself available to Dylan to discuss his attraction to breasts, and his fear that they are the focus of too much attention and energy.

The Swinger Doc sits down for another edition of the Medical Mailbag! In this mailbag he answers a listener question on how to find high quality sex positive and nonmonogamy friendly medical care, and answers a question on anonymous STI testing. See the following resources for more information:

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Today's podcast featured music from Candyland & Shoffy titled: Faces.


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  1. I admit, I only listened to about half of this episode, because it made me ugly-cry while driving. I’m (kinda) used to the idea that some guys won’t want to play with me because of the size of my breasts . But the idea that someone would be trying to force himself to be attracted to me “despite” my breasts, or that he’d play with me and just try to ignore my breasts, literally gives me nightmares. It’s hard being a woman with small breasts in a breast-obsessed culture (and btw, saying that it’s not the size–just the relative size–feels like a kick in the, well, tits), and it’s harder to be a woman with small breasts in the ls. This longer description on the site is helpful, but the trimmed-down version on Google Play needs to add a trigger warning. 🙁

    • Hi Veronica,

      I’m sorry, both that this episode made you cry and that it made you feel like someone would feel this about you.

      This was something I specifically was struggling with pretty intensely when Ginger and I had this discussion, and it’s something I wanted to talk about -because- I’d gotten to a point where I had a lot of angst about being breast-obsessed and because I had a partner with body dysmorphia surrounding their breasts.

      There’s a lot Ginger and I didn’t get to in this episode and I very much wanted to continue the conversation in another episode because… I felt like we only got through part of what I wanted to cover, but I didn’t intend to make anyone with smaller breasts feel anything negative.

      If anything, it should be a reflection of and representative of the work -I- need to do on myself, not on anyone elses body.

      If you do end up listening to the rest of the episode I would be interested in hearing what you think.

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