OBH 021 and 022: Laura meets the “Mother of Masturbation” and the star of a web series “Shades of Bad”


Condolences and solidarity with the Orlando community.

Catch up on Our Better Half with two new episodes.

Episode 21: Guest: Jean Heard, star and producer for Shades Of Bad

also: special youth correspondent, Marina Machlos, explains Netflix and chill to Grandma

Fun things you find online:
Orgasm Sound Library
My dad wrote a porno
Game of Thrones is killing your love life
Why the internet loves 69
Advanced Style blog
Advanced Style book

Episode 22: Guest: Betty Dodson, the Mother of Masturbation

ICYMI sex news:
A judge with no judgement gets judged
Frogs got a brand new groove
iPhones help old people hook up
first: learn your emojis!
Lucid dream your way to happiness
Sleep orgasms: “a present from your brain”
Aphrodisiacs and appetizers

intro music: GarageBand “Collins Avenue”,
Estelle Reiner quote from “When Harry Met Sally” (1989)
Parents Just don’t Understand by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince
Birthday music: Gerbil Bliss – Jake’s Kept a Rollin
Exit tap dance music: Pond5

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