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Aaaaaaand we’re back! It’s been a long and busy break, but we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming here on the Tell Me Something Good Podcast. While we had a brief interlude to explain just what was going on during our uneventful absence, we’ve been more or less out of the game for half a year. We missed you all and we’re finally feeling ready to get back to spreading sexy stories again.

To celebrate our relaunch, we had a live recording at Samantha’s own Playground Conference. We set up in a suite (all the conference rooms were booked up with fabulous talks, panels and workshops) and got into bed to record with renewed vigour. Sophie shares some updates on her recovery, some new sexual exploits and some BIG NEWS. Samantha shares her desires for some post-conference sex, which is also very valuable.

Sex educator, podcaster and cannasexual Ashley Manta joined us in bed (no, not like that) to discuss her podcast Carnalcopia, her amazing work around cannabis and sexuality and then a story involving a hot cop and why it’s always important to carry lube with you. We laugh, we learn and we all revel in our love of a man in uniform.

Find Ashley on Twitter @ashleymanta or on her sites:, and

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