SS 187: Good Men Everywhere


As a lifestyle that is outside the mainstream, ethical non-monogamy tends to attract humans who are outside the mainstream. This certainly goes for the men…men who treat women as equals…men who are self-aware, respectful, and are cognizant of the power they hold in the world. Tonight on Life on The Swingset: The Podcast, we will hear from four of those men about how they navigate their relationships, address the ethical questions they face, and have as much fun as possible in the process. They'll discuss consent navigation, their progression from past to present, slut shaming, relating to women on a day to day basis, communicating the lifestyle to people who don't understand, encountering possessiveness among other men and their partners and discussing the mythology that men always want sex. everywhere. all the time.

Give us a call and leave a voicemail at 573-55-SWING, (573-557-9464), we want your stories, your orgasms, your everything!

Join us November 7th through the 15th for The Swingset Takes Desire 2015 because where we're going… we don't need clothes.

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Pre-Order Cooper's first book My Life on the Swingset, it's great! Don't take our word for it, take Good Vibrations executive VP Jackie Strano's –  “Cooper Beckett goes old school gonzo in My Life On the Swingset as your tour guide of non-monogamy in this delightful and playful romp of a read. Fear & Loathing meets On The Road as Cooper gives you first hand debaucherous details about his trials and tribulations and ecstatic moments of exploration in the swinger lifestyle. Defining NRE, prostate orgasm, sexy safe sex, and basic etiquette while telling a charming story is not easy but this recovering Catholic boy gives it his gusto and the book is helpful as well as entertaining.”


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