Traveling to Swing Part 3


Traveling to Swing Part 3In part 1 and part 2 of this article we explored the concept of destination swinging, the motivations for doing so and some associated benefits and disadvantages to that approach. In this final installment I’ll explore some ideas on where one can go to get away and meet other like-minded people.

So, where does one go if they want to swing discretely while traveling? The first option is an exotic resort that caters to the lifestyle. The best known options would be Hedonism in Jamaica and the Desire line of resorts in Mexico. There are pros and cons to each, depending on what you are looking for in a resort. Both provide an environment where you can simply show up and make what you want of your vacation. The size, layout and ambiance of these resorts makes meeting people easy. Just slide into the hot tub and say, “hi, my name is…” The downside is the cost. These are resorts that serve a niche market so they can demand a higher price than resorts with equivalent facilities elsewhere. That said, these are places that have been described as paradise on earth. The sum of your experience at these resorts is made up of far more than the parts that make up the resort facilities. A quick online search will find you hundreds of trip reports from Hedo and Desire and give you a sense of what these places are like.

You can also attend these resorts as part of an organized group. That option gives you the benefit of perhaps traveling with a group. There are groups for younger or older age ranges and some are like a weeklong frat party. Some takeover groups may even be for those with more kinky preferences. In most cases these groups typically gives you the option of getting to know some of the other couples before the trip. Getting to know people ahead of time is usually done online, so you have to put a bit more of yourself out there to make that early connection.

There is another advantage to going to one of these resorts whether you are an exclusive destination swinger or not. Most people that go to a resort go there for at least a week. A week of doing nothing but being pampered, spending time with your partner and getting to know other sexy swingers. When you do make a connection with another awesome couple you have all the time in the world to get to know them, hang out with them, and get into all sorts of naughtiness. It’s true that not everyone is looking to make new friends; some just want to hit it and quit it, but for those of us that enjoy the friendships as well as the sex, resorts are paradise on earth.

Perhaps Hedo or Desire is not for you? There are other options like small boutique resorts that cater either to the lifestyle or to nudists but are known to have swinger undercurrents. These are likely more low-key but may be closer to some couples’ style. How about a complete cruise ship lifestyle take-over in the Mediterranean? Lifestyle cruises are gaining in popularity and offer the best of cruising and swinging all in one package. Plus, a lifestyle cruise makes describing where you are going to friends and family much easier than trying to figure out what to say about the resort you are going to.

Resorts and cruises are nice, but they are expensive. Being able to afford those destinations means having a certain amount of disposable income. While the cross section of society found at resorts or cruises is still hugely diverse, it does tend to attract people from certain socio-economic segments of the population. Many are educated professionals, established trades people and/or successful entrepreneurs, etc. You could write several articles about the socio-economics of swinging alone; all of them would be controversial and likely not really hit the mark, but it is something to think about when considering a swinging destination. Is your destination likely to set you up for success in finding that sometimes elusive chemistry?

A potentially cheaper option is to attend various lifestyle hotel take-overs in distant cities. Events like these are plentiful, you can sometimes drive instead of fly and tend to happen during weekends requiring fewer vacation days. The room rates are often discounted from the regular seasonal rate making this option even more affordable. Registration is usually done directly with the event organizer to reserve your place so no information goes on the internet. These takeovers typically have planned events, mixers, dances, entertainment and play rooms. The shorter weekend timeframe can feel a bit compressed, but still fulfilling. The attendance is likely to be mainly locals from the area. This may be a getaway for you, but for most attendees it will be a local event. Many there will already know each other. That is certainly not a barrier to meeting new people. In fact it can work to your benefit; meet one couple and you may get introduced to all of their friends. You could end up with an instant group of friends with which to hang out.

The options are diverse. You can even contact a travel agent that specialises in lifestyle vacations to see what options might be right for you. There are several reputable travel agents that would be happy to help. Operators are standing by….

That concludes my discussion on destination swinging. If you feel like adding to this discussion you can leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter, @TheRopeMaster.


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