SS 140: Dylan Hosts a Roundtable Discussion in Paradise – Part 1 – Live from Desire Resort & Spa Cancun


Dylan had an idea. He thought it'd be a great idea to sit down, two on one with couples while at Desire and interview them, ask questions about how their vacation was going, get some decent soundbites, and enjoy the calm warmth of good discussion and good company.

This was anything but calm.

What began as a simple interview turned into a roundtable (dildohead) discussion where no topic found itself out of bounds, we discussed single male swingers, the trials and tribulations of dating as a bi-woman seeking another bi or gay woman, connecting with others and how Desire compares with a swinger club or a house party, many more items came up. The discussion lasts longer than we had for this episode so make sure to catch next week's episode for Part 2.

… I should totally do this more often.

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HEY!!! Dylan here, I received a comment on Twitter that I couldn't respond to within the character limit of a few tweets. Check out and look for Comments from SS140: Dylan Hosts a Roundtable Discussion in Paradise – Part 1 – Life from Desire Resort & Spa Cancun. Or head over via a direct link, but don't bother upvoting if you do because Reddit's karma system discourages direct links. 😛PLEASE DO COMMENT, I'll be there!


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