SS 243: The Bitchcast.


Katie Mack and Ginger Bentham are ready to #femmespread like you’ve never seen before. Talking honestly and earnestly about their experiences as women, Katie and Ginger get unapologetically bitchy. They share their uncensored and unfettered voices on topics like privilege, female socialization, male entitlement, rape culture, consent, and the true experience of owning your power. With humor, stories, and bonding over the pay gap, Katie and Ginger wind down with their list of demands from the men of the world…no more and no less. Brace yourself. It’s the Bitchcast.

– Ginger Bentham

Katie Mack and Ginger Quotable - Episode 243 - The BitchcastKatie Mack Quotable - Men in My Life - Episode 243 - Bitchcast

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The Bitchcast. featured Karma Fields – Scandal, featuring C.C. Sheffield, off the new album New Age | Dark Age.



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