Swinging Advice: Post Orgasm Etiquette


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Q. We’re off to our first swingers club on Saturday (inspired by your excellent podcast!). We’ve re-listened to your earlier podcasts and have a good idea what to expect, but Steve has a major question. . . .

If we get lucky and end up having sex with another couple (we’re up for full swap), what is the etiquette for a man AFTER you’ve come – ok, I know what to do with a condom, but what about cleaning yourself up? Do you go and wash, if so, where? Or do you use wipes of some kind?

Help me Cooper Becket, you’re my only hope

A. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was “don’t put it away wet,” so I would suggest that, after he’s cum (In what I’m sure was a wonderful full swap experience), he excuse himself to the rest room, as swing clubs will have plenty of them. Dispose of the condom, soap up, rinse off, wipe down and rejoin the party!

As an aside, we always carry Afterglow Toy Tissues, as they’re made to wipe down toys as well as your naughty bits, and sometimes it IS difficult to find an unoccupied rest room at a swing club.

As ANOTHER aside, is it excessively geeky that the Star Wars quote is really doing it for me?


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