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Polyamory freaks me out. To be totally honest, I am needy. I require a lot of love and attention from Anne. Lots. Anne and I have discussed polyamory some before. I am uncomfortable sharing her emotionally on that level with someone.

Cooper and Marilyn just got back from Desire, but in between the nonstop playtime and suntanning and hottubbing and drinking and dining, they found time to record a full trip diary detailing their time spent at Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun. (Well, they found time to record two out of the three trip reports, the third was recorded, sadly, in cold Chicago.) So here it is, in its entirety, Cooper and Marilyn’s Excellent Adventure!

Happy Lady Porn Day, Swingsetters! You’ll notice a theme in the cyberverse today…Lady Porn, specifically…

In Ep 29, the Swingset tries very hard not to simply gush over their biggest crush, Tristan Taormino, as she joins us for a discussion of the time writing porn, her thoughts on bisexuality in the lifestyle and in film, her book Opening Up, and putting things in hers and other people’s asses.

Jack talks about making Xmas sexy again by putting in the X and buying Anne a Hitachi Magic Wand, and other sexy gifts