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Swingers 2: Polyamory Drift

Cooper talks about being disappointed with newbies, changing relationships with friends, and the magnetic pull towards polyamory that he and Marilyn are feeling as swingers.

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Sharing the Love – Introducing Vanillas to a Swing Party

I have mentioned some of my vanilla friends in the past. Way back in the beginning we even had MGS with some of them. That event is what cracked the doorway to non-monogamy for Anne and I. That same couple has met some of our non-monogamous friends. Well the non-monogamous friends they met are the ones who typically throw the parties we attend. Anne and I have talked to these vanilla friends before about the whole swinging thing. They had tentatively expressed interest.

Articles Popped Cork - Swinger New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for the Non-Monogamous

I’ve never been one to take the idea of New Year’s resolutions all that seriously. But if the idea of a starting point for mass individual self-improvement works for you, may I humbly suggest a few ideas that would benefit our community.

What follows isn’t a swinger bucket list or a swingo card, these are challenges that if completed would not only benefit you but also build and strengthen our community.

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