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Bunches of Munches

In Going Solo I chronicled my first attempt at swinging single. In Learning to Fly…

The Lifestyle at a Gallop: Observations of a Unicorn Magic of Moresomes - Group Sex in the Lifestyle

The Magic of Moresomes – Group Sex in the Lifestyle

There are a lot of gray areas in life, but I’ve tended to live mine in a black-or-white, all-or-nothing sort of way. Standing in the middle requires a lot of stamina and patience. The first I can manage if something is worth the effort, but the second? Um, yeah… Pardon me as I try to shake off a sudden vision of friends and family laughing so hard that they’re gasping for breath.


Swinging Advice – Our First Swingers Party

I know you get lots of email, but I thought I would ask your advice. My wife and i are attending our first swingers party on Saturday and wondered what kind of advice you could give to us. We have yet to play with another couple yet but we really like the hosts but don’t want to focus on them only. Thanks for your time. Richard.