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Blogs Open Discussions - From Swinging to Polyamory

Open Discussions – From Swinging to Polyamory

As we have grown as a couple and individuals, we have entered into the world of polyamory. Ally is bisexual. We were both very secure with ourselves and our relationship, so after much discussion we decided to open our marriage.


Making A List

“What’s on your list?” Sasha asked me. “I’m…um…my list?” “Your todo list, you know, lifestyle…

Doubleplay experimenting with a hall pass - two sexy women at a swingers club

Experimenting With a Hall Pass – Two Sexy Women Go To A Swingers Club

I took another trip recently, but this time Mr. Doubleplay stayed home with the kids. While most of my days were filled with business meetings, presentations, and networking dinners, Mr. Doubleplay arranged a special date for me. We had arranged to meet a couple during our last trip to the Big Easy, but a cancelled flight dashed our plans.

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SS 38: Our Swingers Club Adventure – Living it up at Chicago Swing Club Couple’s Playhouse

After Shira discusses the wonderful world of sex and feeling better that came from having her IUD removed, Ginger talks about the benefits of hers, and Dylan discusses exploring his wife’s…for science. Ginger regales us with Prof’s solo date with a friend, Cooper and Marilyn take separate dates, and we discuss a wonderful trip to Couple’s Playhouse, a swing club in the suburbs of Chicago, and our experiences within in part one of our two part discussion.