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Can I learn to do that? That question, or the variation Can my wife/girlfriend learn…

My wife is a gusher.

And I don’t mean she squirts a little bit. I’ve been with girls who squirt a little bit. Sometimes I wind up squirting more than them. But Marilyn is different. I’ve never seen anyone do what she does. Neither have our friends. We’re all sort of amazed at watching her go. When we go to people’s houses for the first time, I’ll tell them to have towels ready. They’ll laugh and say no problem, but then when we arrive, we’ll find them with one, maybe two towels.

But, back to the history of the vibrator…. Once upon a time, many, many eons ago, women didn’t have orgasms; at least society tried to tell them they didn’t. If they did experience any type of pleasure from sexual congress they were told that there was something wrong with them, that they should stop enjoying whatever it was that brought them sexual pleasure since that was a sign of nymphomania or worse mental disorder (only women of ill repute and prostitutes did it…) Thus, women developed strange anxiety disorders that rendered them “neurotic”, and in more extreme cases hysterical, and in need of treatment. Sidenote: the term “hysterical” comes form the Greek “hystera” that means uterus; hysterical women were believed to have a traveling uterus that rendered them incapacitated and susceptible to unmanageable emotional disorders.

Now I have a question. I recently met a woman and we have really hit it off on alot of levels. We’ve been out on “dates” three times in three weeks and has been great. Well over New Years weekend we spent almost 3 days together and finally slept together. Been a long time for her and for me. It was great except for one thing….she is a squirter. Now let me tell you I have no problem with this normally. It’s not a particular kink of mine but not against it. The volume of fluid was incredible and I had to pull out several times just to let her catch her breath. VERY sensitive and orgasmic. Now this may be some guy’s dream and I have to admit it’s a turn on to see a woman that excited, however it can be almost too slippery and I started to lose sensation. She is awesome and we are very compatible both sexually and as a couple. Kendra, I am a very sexual guy who is open to almost anything but I can see this becoming a distraction. A little goes a long way but alot can get in the way. What are your thoughts?

Massively big rabbit vibrators with a million functions just never do it for me. There are just too many things going on that I can’t relax and get sexy. I need something simple and does what it says. Close2yous’ Flores is that. Very simplistic and elegant. Not too many gadgets or any rotating balls. I was thrilled to give Flores a try.

It’s hard to describe exactly what a G Spot orgasm feels like. I’ve experienced them a million times and each one feels completely different than the last. They vary from light, quick orgasms to deep, hard intense orgasms that make me gush over and over again and my legs and body tremble all over. They can come from fingers, toys, a cock, and my personal favorite a girl with a strap-on. There are times when I don’t squirt at all and there’s times where I’m gushing like a fire hydrant and can’t stop my body from ejaculating everywhere.