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I hate trying to schedule dates. Not because they aren’t fun, but because it usually needs to be done a good ways in advance. There are a few reasons, like not knowing if you will be in the mood for it that day. Specifically though I want to talk about periods because I have become required to track Anne’s period. I know better when it is going to occur than she does. That shit is tracked in my google calendar via this handy tool

When I first started engaging in non-monogamy, I was living in a big American city with a large, liberal social network. It wasn’t that hard to find like-minded people. We moved from the US to Europe over a year ago and we’ve been celibate ever since.

Just got back from a crummy meet and greet experience. Mr. Doubleplay and I ignored some red flags and just neglected to do our homework for this meet up. As a result, in many ways, I feel that we wasted an evening.

The couple that we met was sweet and good looking and discreet. We did right on those issues. But we skipped some steps.