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Ginger & The Professor Deep Thoughts From Vanilla Exile

Deep Thoughts From Vanilla Exile

As we have moved through this vanilla phase, I’ve realized just how busy an ethical non-monogamist’s life actually is. Even though we haven’t had the time to actively date, we are still building and maintaining relationships that mean something to us. Some are long-time friends we miss. Some are new budding relationships that have fantastic promise. And some are just fun messages from brand new hotties we haven’t met yet, but would love to find the time to meet.



It seems as though I have been inundated with exposure to all things female orgasm lately: personal conversations, news articles, books, research, podcasts. . . I have gleaned a number of titillating and novel insights from these various sources, but f…


Loving the Heat and the Hot Sun Too!

Oh so HOT here in Miami! With so many sexy vibes, I’m diving in with my first blog post. The Prof does such a fantastic job sharing our thoughts and perspective, it has taken a catalyst like Swingfest to get me fired up to write. One fact is crystal cl…

Ginger & The Professor Our Porn - Watching With My Partner

OurPorn – Watching With My Partner

Prof and I have a new fun bedtime pastime: browsing porn together. YouPorn makes it so easy to have a broad spectrum of categories and ways to search. We climb into bed with our iPad and let the fun begin! Although I’ve found that what is fun about this pastime is less the porn watching and more the browsing.


Happy Lady Porn Day!

Happy Lady Porn Day, Swingsetters! You’ll notice a theme in the cyberverse today…Lady Porn, specifically…