Author: Mr. Lucky Fox


Reporting from the frontlines of the Lifestyle and the frontiers of non-monogamy, Mr. Lucky Fox scrambles around trying to keep it all together while seeking to understand the social and sexual challenges surrounding him.

Having your little soldier fail to come to attention at the worst possible moment is every man’s primary lifestyle nightmare. Before this crazy naked circus, it was almost inconceivable for me – I naturally assumed that my little guy would rise to any occasion because, seriously, having a lot of beautiful women wanting to fuck you is the greatest thing ever. So when it did start happening the fear gripped me at first. Each new encounter was tainted by the creeping feeling that, at the moment of truth, I would falter and leave another disappointed lover in my wake. But…

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Were you the nerdy, introverted guy in high school, whose dreams of hot sex with a horny girl were shut down by the harsh realities of your school’s rigid social structure? Were you the shy girl, pretty but made insecure by a barrage of unhealthy image expectations? Well, step right up and enter the lifestyle, where your long-standing esteem issues and distorted self-image will end up on the floor of a strange bedroom, lost amid the used condom wrappers and empty water bottles. A man you had never met before tonight just kissed you all over your body, slow and…

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