Author: Laura Varnishe

Laura has been interested in all things sexual since she realized she was attracted to both men and women. Her most passionate topic is on the symbiotic relationship between health and sex and how they can be used to improve one another. She also loves teaching what she’s learnt over at School Of Squirt.

The swinging lifestyle is intriguing, exciting and a little intimidating. While swingers are, by their nature, a friendly and welcoming bunch, the experience can still be a little nerve-wracking for first time couples who want to begin experimenting with the swinging lifestyle. That’s why we’ve pulled together 5 pieces of advice to help newcomers feel more at ease and able to enjoy their introduction to this healthy, happy and exciting approach to sexuality. Know Your Own Limits Every person and every couple has their own set of ground rules when it comes to swinging. For some couples, the only rule…

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