Author: Annie


Annie is a daughter, a mother and a wife. She loves to experience new sensations, which is most often achieved either during travels or while she and her husband enjoy intimate moments together.

My husband and I have discussed swinging, but it didn’t really fit into what we were looking for. We were not looking for recreational sex partners, rather we were looking to explore ourselves through relationships with other people, not just our own. Polyamory, or “several loves” is about having multiple intimate partners at the same time, and being open about it with everyone involved. Please note that both partners in a poly relationship can have one or multiple other partners. Polyamory doesn’t have to focus on the sexual aspect of a relationship. Most poly people really enjoy the emotional connection…

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Everyone has some kind of fantasy, some strong sexual desire that will get their blood boiling and enhance their pleasure. We are highly developed animals and our minds need as much stimulation as our bodies, but we are often reluctant to share our fantasies with our partner due to overly puritanical social conventions and the fear that our partner might not find those things acceptable. People should be able to experiment and trust their partners enough to get a bit kinky with them, but all that exciting and kinky stuff needs to be slowly and safely introduced in the bedroom.…

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