PP 5: Polyamorous Transitive Property Fallacy


Do you judge yourself based on your partner’s partners? If you’re A=B and C=B does A=C in the land of polyamory? Shira and Gavin discuss their experiences with the Polyamorous Transitive Property Fallacy but first they share some thoughts on personal friends listening to the show, try to figure out how they ended up on an astrology website, and take a bit more time to talk about dick. Shira talks about her self-image issues after being with a guy who had only been with BBW’s prior to her. Gavin reveals to the listeners that he had some jealousy issues surrounding a partner Shira had whom he called Gavin 2.0. How do you avoid the Polyamorous Transitive Property Fallacy? What do you do when your partner starts dating a jerk? Listen and find out!


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