Review: Nipple Charms


Nipple Charms - review

Nipple Charms has a wide variety of Non-Piercing Body Jewelry and accessories. They have temporary tattoos, ankle jewelry, nipple jewelry, nipple rings, belly button rings, and various types of intimate jewelry. Pretty much anything you want to accessorize yourself.

I accessorized myself with a couple of their temporary tattoos. One is a regular Temporary Tattoo and the other was a Temporary Crystal Tattoo. Both were very easy to put on and take off. The regular Temporary Tattoos, which I got the Swinger Tattoo and Sexy Black Back Tattoo, and are great for when you just want to add a little something to your body to make it a bit sexier without getting a painful real tattoo. The Temporary Crystal Tattoo that I tried was their Custom Swinger Tattoo that is black and emblished with rhinestone crystals. These tattoos are self-adhesive and re-usable. It looked sexy on and fun to wear, but I don't think it should be worn for very long. After a few hours of wearing it the stones started irritating my skin and felt like it was going to fall off, but it never did. I just don't think it was something I'm really into wearing.

I also tried one of Nipple Charms Swinger Ankle Bracelets with MFFM charms on it. The silver ankle bracelet was really cute when its matched up with the Swinger Tattoos and did fit perfectly around my ankle. It held up very well and didn't irritate my skin. It isn't the highest quality, but is fun to wear.

Nipple Charms has great accessories to express yourself with and have so much to offer. I enjoyed trying some of their products, but I would really love to try some of their actual Nipple Charms. I think those are exactly what I'm looking for.

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