300th Episode Live

March 4, 2010, episode one of Life on the Swingset went live with little fanfare and about twenty downloads. Seven years and change later, we’ve reached episode 300. We’ve discussed for months what to do to celebrate this milestone, big time guests, weird quirky things like our NPR clip show, but ultimately what we wanted this to be is a celebration of you, the Swingsetters.

With that in mind, we invite you to climb on up, there’s a swing waiting just for you, for our first public live streaming show! For two hours on August 13, 2017, we’ll be talking about the journey of The Swingset, answering your live questions, and telling sexy stories with special guests!

Join Cooper, Dylan, Ginger, Dr Liz, Mike, and Dirty Lola, as we celebrate our tricentennial!

Listen to us and comment LIVE as we celebrate our 300th episode on Discord or Twitch!


Leave us a VOICEMAIL question! (573) 55-SWING