The Pageist 064: AliceinBondageLand on Chastity


Episode the sixty-fourth; wherein the Pageist learns a whole bunch about chastity from show favourite AliceinBondageLand.

.45 Intro and Announcements:

  • This episode was scheduled several days ahead in preparation for Walter’s biopsy, so no announcements. I’ll catch up on those in a few weeks.

3.29 Interview:

  • AliceinBondageLand joins the show for the third time! YAY! This time we’re discussing chastity, which is the eroticization of not being allowed to touch your naughty bits.
  • This was a first in that she asked people for questions on other platforms (Reddit and Twitter) and so answered not only my questions, but also questions from people who practise chastity or are curious about trying it. We got into health and hygiene as well as safety and the motivation behind chastity play. Also, how to do it as a single person vs in a couple.
  • Santa Clara County Leather Week 2017
  • Recommended sites to find toys for prostate toys:
  • Shops Alice recommends for luxury chastity devices:
  • For cock pumps, Alice recommends going over to
  • A popular device is the CB6000, though it wasn’t recommended from any particular shop.
  • Alice has previously been on the show to talk about FemDom and what she loves about what she does and Female Led Relationships. She’ll be back to talk about all sorts of other goodness in the future.
  • You can find Alice on Twitter @BondageLand
  • Her website is
  • On Fetlife she’s GoAskAlice
  • On instagram just look for @aliceinbondageland
  • Alice’s flowchart for choosing a Chastity Device:

1.37.56 Closing Remarks:

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll be interviewing Kitty Chambliss, relationship coach and author, about dealing with jealousy in ethically non-monogamous relationships.
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