Missing you…


One of the many surprises of Swinging is how quickly close bonds are formed. Within weeks or months of meeting a new couple, it is entirely possible to know them as well (or better) than their long-time friends. Hours of pillow talk will do that.

Even though we have many couples that are near and dear to us, we'd spent a lot of time with one couple in particular. They lived an hour or so away from us, and so we'd often stay the night when we visited each other. Of course this left us with more time than usual to talk about everything in our lives, from our familes, work, and hobbies, to our pasts, plans, and wishes. There were evenings out, evenings in, and the added treat of sneaking back into their bed in the morning.

This brings me to the downside of the close bonds. When a couple moves away, or gets understandably busy with chores, jobs, and family, you can feel like you've lost your best friends – even though you've only known them for a short while. In our case, our couple recently had to move to a new city. We still keep in touch, and we've even gone to see them in their new house (with plans to visit again in the future), but I miss them more than I ever expected.

At the same time, I'm grateful that I now have so many people in my life that are capable of making me feel this way. The little bit of sadness I feel when they're not near is well worth the comfort and love I  receive from them.

So to our close friends, thank you…and to our newly distant couple, kisses – I miss you.


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