The Pageist 060: Mike Merrill


Episode the Sixtieth; wherein the Pageist talks with Mike Merrill, the publicly-traded guy about power exchange, allowing strangers to make his life decisions and not filming porn.

.45 Intro and Announcements:

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2.18 Interview:

  • In this episode I speak with Mike Merrill, the world’s only publicly traded, private individual. We discuss power exchange, including the ways traditional, negotiated power exchange can benefit vanilla relationships, as well as how he decided to allow strangers on the internet to make life decisions for him.
  • His main website is if you’d like to buy shares or see what that’s about.
  • The Kickstarter for the book is here.
  • There’s also a website about the book’s project, Publicly Traded, Privately Held.
  • His Twitter is @KMikeyM

53.45 Closing Remarks:

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